The Only One Knows How It Goes

by Alicija



Commissioned for the award winning documentary "A Bloom in the Sidewalk" (Bare Bones Movie Festival 2014).

This track describes the struggle and fight some women have to make to beat their demons and create something that makes them proud of their accomplishments. However little it can be the foundation they build the rest of their lives on.


She the only one knows how it goes © Maurice Byrne 2012

She picks up a brush Dipped in Ochre
Stops - steps back, thinks it over
Considers what to paint over
An illusion is what she’ll aim for

Verse 1
You know when darkness falls
Hon it falls on us all
And there’s no one to call
And you can’t get up when you fall
Sometimes it turns us
Into exactly what burns us
Folks who cared - spurn us
Like they never gave a curse

She’ll put her pain in painting
Find growth out of frustration
It’s the only way she knows
It’s the only way she copes
She’s the only one knows how it goes x 2

Verse 2
So when we find a sister
A city’s brand new visitor
Think no one will miss her
And no man can resist her
Girl put your weight on my shoulder
I’ve been there - trust me I know girl
You need to be cared for
Turn tears into laughter


Verse 3
Let’s grow something from nothing
Put your heart into what’s crumbling
You won't know humbling
Is from where salvation’s coming
Let's call it a bright revival
Turns a spot turns to a spiral
When a Mom holds her new arrival
When a fighter beats off a rival


Then you know you can’t be caught
Still standing because you fought
It’s the crawl before you walk
But you’ll make it, you’ll give it all you got



released June 12, 2013
All Rights reserved © & ℗ Maurice Byrne & Bell Session Publishing 2012


all rights reserved